About Us

About Us

Casa Del Mare is a family-owned beachfront hotel located in Nuweibaa, South Sinai, Egypt.

First opening its doors in 1999, the idea was to create a coastal haven which conveniently bridges the gap between the Bohemian atmosphere of a beach camp and the comfort and coziness of a home.

Ever since, Casa Del Mare came to represent the genuine essence of Sinai with all its beauty, glory, and hospitality. A safe adobe where all passions are granted in one stellar setting — from the Zen quietude of relaxation and meditation to the action of sports and beach parties.

The hotel is eco-friendly as the building merges with the region’s naturalist environment. Offering a clean beach with crystal-clear water that is complemented by a gorgeous scenery of the Red Sea, it is a true feast for the eyes.

Our guests can spend their days snorkelling, swimming, or just relaxing. Immersed in Sinai’s magnificent natural panorama, this is the right place to Disconnect to Reconnect with Mother Nature.
The hotel is managed by warm, friendly, kind-hearted team members who are equally professional, responsive, and highly efficient. The staff speak English, Hebrew, and Arabic and are always happy to welcome you anytime throughout the entire year. First times remain unforgettable while leaving you wanting to repeat the magical experience.

Whenever planning to visit Sinai, Casa Del Mare should be your top priority.

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